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15 mins from Issaquah 
24 mins from Bellevue College

23 mins from Maple Valley

Appointments will be confirmed by a phone call

from the office, even though you get a confirmation email. 

If you have Medicaid and a part B, contact us, there is a new program as of 2022 that will cover both dental work and dentures. 


New Dentures

Independently owned and locally operated, Distinctive Dentures is committed to delivering a wide range of dentures solutions that will give you a good reason to smile.

Our on-site manufacturing laboratory allows us to offer many solutions the same day you come in. Whether you need repairs or a new denture, we will work to find options that match your individual needs and budget. It doesn't matter if you're new to dentures or have been wearing them for years. We pride ourselves on delivering comfortable, natural-looking smiles that will exceed your expectations. 

Denture Relines


Denture relining is the process of refitting a denture to compensate for natural changes in the mouth, like shrinkage of bone and tissue. In many cases, but not all cases, patients will notice a need for relining when their dentures become loose or less stable while eating. Breakage and soreness are also indications that a reline is needed.

There are many types of relines. We only perform 'laboratory' relines because we feel they are the best fitting and longest lasting type of reline. They offer the best comfort and require less adjusting afterwards.

We offer 3 hour service on laboratory relines with an appointment.

Soft denture relines are often suggested for patients with very flat lower ridges and for those patients with chronic soreness of their lower ridge. We use a extremely high quality soft material which is manufactured to last for many years, unlike cheaper "chairside" versions that get hard and brittle after only a few months.

Soft denture reline service does require the denture to be processed for 8 hours, so we offer overnight service with this type of reline.

Implant Supported

There are many options in attaching your denture or partial.  Come by today to talk about your options. 
Dental Repairs

Our on-site dental laboratory can do most denture repairs 'while you wait'. In many cases repairs will take an hour or less. 


Types of Repairs


- Repair teeth broken out of dentures 

- Replace missing or lost teeth in dentures

- Add teeth to dentures from recent extraction

- Repair fractured and broken dentures

- Add metal strengthener bars to existing dentures

- Weld broken metal partials

- Repair metal clasps on partials

- Removing built-up tarter stains

Rush Service

We understand your anxiety when you have lost your denture (or Fido has used it for a dog toy). We will be there in your emergency situations. You can count on us! Call any time!!

Immediate Dentures 

Impressions are taken and the denture is made before the teeth are extracted. On the day of extractions the denture is ready to be inserted and also serves as a type of bandage for the extraction sites. 

If you have any questions about this please give us a call  - 425-281-6452  Perry

Free Consultations


Many people do not know the best steps to take forward when it comes to the condition of their teeth or their dentures or if it's time to go in that direction.   Please give us a call  425-281-6452  Perry


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"Perry, you wouldn't believe the number of people who tell me how good I look"

1/20 SS

I just wanted to thank you again for the wonderful job you did yesterday with my dentures!!! It was nice to meet your family too--- you shure are the nicest people I have met in a long time. Welcome again to North Bend,

A letter sent to our office - EH 10/17

“Good for you big guy"!... Wife telling her husband as they walked out the door with new front teeth....they looked awesome. 

3/18  TS

“Oh, this just feels like a part of my mouth – Oh I’m so happy.  I was so worried, my last one bothered me so much but this one fits so nice I don’t even know it is there. ” - Early 20's

2/18  JL

“Just getting started with quotes, this should be fun to see what patients say.”


The day after getting immediate dentures... How you doing?  "Very tired, we couldn't get to sleep because we were both to excited about his new dentures.”

3/18 SB

Perry Balcom .jpg
Perry Balcom, LD
Derek Balcom
Lab Technician

-  All dentures, partials, repairs are made on location.

-  Frameworks Made in America.

-  The average price of work done is -15.9% below fair value (blue book).

-  A denture is not expensive, being about the same price as one crown. 

-  What you'll get is an excellent product at an excellent price. 

-  Repairs made at same visit, generally in about an hour.



Our Specialist


       Perry Balcom, Licensed Denturist, is a skilled craftsmen who loves to create quality custom solutions for each unique smile. He enjoys being a Denturist and sincerely cares for each patient. At your initial consult Perry will give you a straightforward assessment of what he believes is best for you. Because Perry takes the impressions and manufactures the denture himself, he stands behind the quality of his work. From the moment you meet Perry, he will carefully and calmly handle all of your questions and deliver excellent denture care. There is much to be said about years of experience. Time and again, new and existing patients become friends who refer their friends and family because of the experience and excellent results they had at Distinctive Dentures. 

      Let Perry use his skills to help you with any missing teeth. With over 13 years in the dental industry Perry has the expertise to handle your denture needs.

     Distinctive Dentures is a family owned and operated business. Perry's wife Robyn, and son Derek, work as a team to provide the best possible service.

This is a second career for Perry.  For 18 year he and his wife Robyn worked as volunteers with Mercy Ships.  He originally went to help out as a welder but through the years had various jobs and responsibilities.   After leaving Mercy Ships he has helped out in the gulf after the numerous hurricanes in the early 2000's.  One of his highlights was helping in Thailand after the Tsunami.  He's got a heart of gold and would love to help you with your needs.  Perry's wife, Robyn, is again working with Mercy Ships.  Follow the links to learn more. 

Appointment will be confirmed by a phone call

from the office, even though you get a confirmation email.