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Perry Balcom


Perry Balcom, Licensed Denturist, is a skilled craftsmen who loves to create quality custom solutions for each unique smile. He enjoys being a Denturist and sincerely cares for each patient. At your initial consult Perry will give you a straightforward assessment of what he believes is best for you. Because Perry takes the impressions and manufactures the denture himself, he stands behind the quality of his work. From the moment you meet Perry, he will carefully and calmly handle all of your questions and deliver excellent denture care. There is much to be said about years of experience. Time and again, new and existing patients become friends who refer their friends and family because of the experience and excellent results they had at Distinctive Dentures. 

      Let Perry use his skills to help you with any missing teeth. With hundreds of cases under his belt, Perry has the expertise to handle your denture needs.

     Distinctive Dentures is a family owned and operated business. 

My Story

This is a second career for Perry.  For 18 year he and his wife Robyn worked as volunteers with Mercy Ships.  He originally went to help out as a welder but through the years had various jobs and responsibilities.   After leaving Mercy Ships he has helped out in the gulf after the numerous hurricanes in the early 2000's.  One of his highlights was helping in Thailand after the Tsunami.  He's got a heart of gold and would love to help you with your needs.  

Looking forward to helping create something beautiful for you. 

425 281 6452  or best 406 471 1055

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