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Our address does not show up many times on maps so here is how to get to our house. 
From Seattle on 90 take exit 27 this will lead you to North Bend, go through North Bend on North Bend Way and go through the roundabout.

Straight through round about


Take the 1st left at the Ranger Station. 

Take the 1st left at the Ranger Station. 


The 1st right is NE 2nd Street. 

(If you put in 205 Thrasher Ave NE, North Bend Wa. 98045 it will take you here.   


Another view of the intersection. 

Another view of the intersection. 

Resized pictures - 1 (86).jpg

The view down 2nd street.  Our house is the one directly behind the burgundy house in the middle of the photo. 


Drive down the stree and you will see on the left 5 houses finished and facing them are 5 houses not finished.  Ours is the middle one on the left

246 Olallie Pl NE, North Bend Wa 98045 is the official address. 

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